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There’s nothing like the beauty and serenity of a home on a lake. But that sense of joy can quickly sour when summer comes along and heats the water enough to spur the growth of icky, smelly, creepy underwater weeds like milfoil and lily pads. Pretty soon kids refuse to swim at your beach, your boat propellers get tangled and — first world problems alert — your seaplane hangar is a mess.

We can help. Our shoreline clean-up and restoration unit has helped hundreds of lakefront homeowners over the past decade to eliminate invasive underwater invasive species and prevent future growth.

Reach out today and we will discuss your project over the phone while looking at a satellite view of your property. Nine times of 10 we can assess your situation and provide an accurate quote while on the phone. If not, we will send an expert estimator to meet with you on-site.

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No Herbicides, No Fear

We do not use herbicides or chemicals, in keeping with our focus on ecological neutrality.

We assign our commercially certified divers to pull the weeds at their roots by hand or use our custom-built underwater vacuum boat. We then pack the vegetation into our trucks for transfer to specialized county facilities; rake your sand to leave it looking nice; and send both a text and email explaining our work and any proposed next steps.

For a permanent solution for lily pads, we offer a long-lasting, jute “bottom barrier” that prevents the root structure from being activated by the sun. This solution is one of kind and is guaranteed to decompose the entirety of the root zone.

Call or email us for a free consultation, and join the hundreds of lake front property owners who proactively manage their underwater weeds.

Sensible. Sustainable.

Shoreline Solutions.

Our Seattle-based team of experts protect and restore public and private waterfronts with natural techniques – no chemicals. Get started today using our interactive quoting tool.