Restore Your Lake With Only Oxygen

Oxygenating the water column has been the holy grail of lake management for decades. Prior generations have deployed fountains and aerators to break apart stratified lakes and to keep the water moving. This does not increase the amount of oxygen in the water, however. And it both promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria that flourish in oxygen-deprived environments and allows decayed plant matter to persistently grow year after year.

A healthy lake is home to anaerobic bacteria, which is “good” bacteria that flourish in oxygen rich environments. These bacteria eat the decaying plant matter at the bottom of the lake that provide a nutrient bank for surface algae to feast on. 

So what does this have to do with Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are super small bubbles, 2000x smaller than a grain of rice, that have special properties that improve lakes naturally. Nanobubble generators pump lake water through a small machine and back into the body of water, releasing trillions of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles are negatively buoyant, dispersing quickly and sinking right into the oxygen-deprived part of your lake.

When nanobubbles make contact with an algae cell they pop — releasing a mild oxide that is formed from a ‘hydroxyl radical.’ This effectively oxidizes the algae cell and neutralizes its toxins. The process breaks apart organic compounds in a way that mineralizes phosphorus in the water column, making it inedible to algae. .

This technology allows lakefront residents to take back control of their algae problems without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Combined with proprietary OMRI certified mineral blend, this is the future of sustainable lake management.

Each lake is different and there is no silver bullet, but the injection of nanobubbles has revolutionized our battle against invasive species that harm our environment. Inquire today to have our team size a unit that is just right for your situation today!