Municipal Waterfronts

Lake Defense Group harbors a particular fondness for lakes and ponds owned by government entities such as cities, counties, states and special districts. We recognize that 99% of citizens do not have access to private waterfronts and instead depend on public parks and beaches for all of the great recreational, mental and spiritual benefits that lakes offer.
We have years of experience dealing with civic entities whose shorelines are impaired by noxious underwater weeds, eroded beaches, algae blooms, drainage trouble and other littoral problems.

We use a practical project management approach to helping agencies achieve their goals by defining objectives, setting realistic goals and sharing all progress through the entirety of the project.

Keeping It Real

Just like the landscapers that beautify and maintain cities’ flora on land, the Lake Defense Group is cities’ and counties’ solution for all underwater weeds and other non-native, noxious plants.

Our divers yank the weeds at their roots, helping to prevent regrowth. We then pack the vegetation into our trucks and dispose of them at county facilities that specialize in safe, responsible disposal.

Lakes are beautiful, serene, natural gifts that need help from time to time. Our goal is to help waterfront owners keep their properties in pristine condition for the next generations to enjoy

Call or email us for a free consultation, and join the hundreds of lakefront property owners and managers who depend on us to sensibly and scientifically manage their shoreline asset