Milfoil Removal

Eurasian milfoil is a noxious weed that infests the shorelines of lakes throughout North America.

It has a bad habit of affixing its creepy, feathery vines to the exact spot on beaches where you’d like to swim and play, and then multiplying all summer until there is no escape. It looks nasty, feels weird and prevents easy movement through the water in the first twenty yards of your shore.

As tough as it is on people, it’s even worse for the ecological balance of the lake. Milfoil forms dense mats that block the sun from reaching native plants, degrades water quality, and provides cover to predatory fish that attack salmon.

Milfoil spreads mainly through stem fragments that float to the lake floor, but is also distributed by boat bottoms and birds. For the sake of your own family as well as the health of the lake, it must be attacked and removed by qualified technicians.

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Milfoil Free Summer Guarantee

We have a decade of experience in removing milfoil in an ethical, swift, proprietary fashion – with no herbicides or plastic barriers.

Reach out today and we will discuss your project over the phone while looking at a satellite aerial of your property. We have been around the block and are likely familiar with your part of the lake. Nine times of 10 we can determine your issue and provide an accurate quote while on the phone. If not we will arrange for one of our expert estimators to meet with you on-site.

We offer a Milfoil Free Summer guarantee with our services. We book up quickly so please reach out to today to make sure you get one of our preferred spots.

On the day of our visit, we deploy an expert team of divers to remove the underwater weeds by hand or by boat with our underwater vacuum, restoring shorelines’ natural beauty. We then rake your sand to leave it looking nice, post a note describing the work, and haul the vegetation away to county facilities or our biomass refinery.

Contact us for a free estimate, and join the hundreds of Northwest lakefront homeowners who have elected to enjoy their shorelines milfoil free.