Lily Pad Removal and Prevention

Lily pads are attractive and play a cute role in fairy tales. But their beauty is one of nature’s tricks as they are actually a noxious weed that forms dense stands in water that can cover hundreds of acres.

Lily pads can restrict lakefront access, prevent swimming, and outcompete native vegetation. They prefer quiet waters such as ponds and lake margins — and will stretch seven feet deep.

Lake Defense Force deploys expert teams of divers to remove visible lily pad stems and flowers. We then apply a proprietary, biodegradable barrier over the roots to completely smother and take away their food source — the light.

Lily pad roots are of something not of this planet. Removing just the floating, visible ‘lily pad’ does almost nothing to actually defeating the invasive plant. The roots grow one to two feet below the surface of the bottom of the lake, intermingling and growing over each other below the surface of the lake. This makes them very very hard to pull out and eradicate manually.

We offer a Root Zone Decomposition Guarantee! Call today to ask for details.

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