Lily Pad Removal and Prevention

Lily pads are attractive and play a cute role in fairy tales. But their beauty is one of nature’s tricks as they are actually a noxious weed that form dense stands in water that can cover hundreds of acres.

Lily pads can restrict lakefront access, prevent swimming, and outcompete native vegetation. They prefer quiet waters such as ponds and lake margins — and will stretch seven feet deep.

Lake Defense Group deploys expert teams of divers to remove lily pads at their roots in a proprietary fashion that restores shorelines’ natural beauty quickly. We then haul the weeds and their massive root systems to specialized county waste facilities.

Lily pads cannot be eradicated permanently, and are growing more profusely as climate change warms the planet. But we have developed a unique, biodegradable, fish-friendly LDF Bottom Barrier solution that radically slows and diminishes their progress.

Contact us for a free estimate, and join the hundreds of Northwest lakefront homeowners who have elected to enjoy their shorelines lily-pad free.