Floating Wetlands

A floating wetland is an all-natural planter in which the roots of the plants are suspended in the water below. This allows for the roots to “wick up” excess nutrient runoff from fertilizers, animal waste and plant decay in a body of water – preventing algae blooms.

The phosphorus that is wicked up is used by the plants of the floating wetland to fuel their own growth. As the plants grow, the amount of phosphorus in the water is naturally reduced. As plants reach maturity, they are pulled from the floating wetland and replaced with new juveniles to begin the process again.

Floating wetlands are the future of natural filtration for stormwater retention ponds. They involve zero chemicals, are cheaper then dyes, healthier for the environment, have lower maintenance costs and look beautiful.

Our floating wetlands are custom built and are usually built in hexagons to increase their surface area, but they can be designed to fit any shape. Golf courses for instance can request a floating wetland for a water feature in the shape of their name.

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