Curlyleaf Pondweed Removal and Prevention

Curlyleaf Pondweed is a shoreline species native to Asia, Europe and northern Africa. It was first observed in Washington in 2005.

It’s an invasive plant that forms surface mats, interfering with aquatic recreation. Dense colonies can restrict access to docks, fishing holes and bird habitats. And summer die-offs can form dense matts that wind up on shore, where they produce material for a dangerous algae bloom as they decay.
No wonder that botanists call it one of the worst nuisance aquatic plants in the country.
But fear not: Our highly trained divers pull pondweed up from its roots, then haul it away.
Pondweed cannot be eradicated permanently, and is growing more profusely as climate change warms the planet. Yet we have developed a unique, biodegradable, fish-friendly LDF Bottom Barrier solution that radically slows and diminishes its progress.
Contact us for a free estimate, and join the hundreds of Northwest lakefront homeowners who have elected to enjoy their shorelines pondweed-free.