Commercial Waterfronts

Lake Defense Force has years of experience dealing with corporate owners of lakes, lakefront multifamily complexes, marinas and golf courses whose shorelines are plagued with noxious underwater weeds, algae blooms, drainage trouble and other littoral problems.

We survey the body of water and its sources, study the invasive plants, forge year-round elimination and prevention plans, and achieve consensus from all stakeholders. We are familiar with city, county and state regulations and obtain permits if needed.

Importantly, we do not use chemicals or herbicides as they are toxic to humans and fish. Our commercially certified divers pull all weeds by hand or by using a custom underwater vacuum boat, then truck the vegetation to specialized county facilities for ecologically sound disposal.

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Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly

With proactive management, we can reduce your maintenance costs, add an eco-friendly gloss to your brand image, increase use and enjoyment, create or redevelop beautiful shorelines, and prevent toxic algae breakouts – all in a reliable, friendly, timely manner.

Fun fact: Simply by removing and controlling milfoil growth you can increase a property’s value by nearly 20%. This was the conclusion of a study published by a federal agency when researchers compared properties on lakes with milfoil infestation to those on lakes that did not. The research shows you can enhance the value of your asset portfolio while boosting your lake’s health – win win.

Call or email us for a free consultation, and join the hundreds of lakefront property owners who depend on us to sensibly and scientifically manage their shoreline assets.

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Shoreline Solutions.

Our Seattle-based team of experts protect and restore public and private waterfronts with natural techniques – no chemicals. Get started today using our interactive quoting tool.