Brazilian Elodea Removal and Management

Brazilian Elodea is an attractive shoreline species that is native to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay but invasive and noxious in the United States. It forms thick, dense mats in water as deep as 25 feet that can overwhelm and ruin entire marinas, channels, docks, and beaches. 

Its vine-like stems extend up to 30 feet and can wrap boat propellers thickly enough to render them useless. As it decays and regrows over time, it can contribute to a decline in water quality.


Lake Defense Force deploys expert teams of divers to remove elodea at its roots in a proprietary fashion that restores shorelines’ natural beauty quickly. We then haul the weeds and their massive, heavy root systems to county waste facilities. 

Elodea cannot be eradicated permanently, and are growing more profusely as climate change warms the planet. But we have developed a unique, biodegradable LDF Bottom Barrier solution that radically slows and diminishes its progress.