LDF Bottom Barriers

Lily pads and other rhizome-based plants are almost impossible to eradicate due to the clever way they grow. Mother Nature must really love these plants because she erected an insane amount of protection for them.

The Lake Defense Force has tried every eradication solution recommended in the botanical literature, sold by commercial vendors and passed down by folklore.

And after much trial and error, we have combined the most scientifically sound advice with our own experience and developed LDF Bottom Barriers – a set of natural, biodegradable components that block the plants’ access to their energy source. This approach eradicates lily pads’ root systems, choking off the plants’ ability to grow and reproduce.

LDF Bottom Barriers can clean up lily-pad infested waterfronts in just a few months, and keep them clear for years to come.

Starving Weeds of Light

Our photosynthesis-blocking LDF Bottom Barriers are not just effective – they are also eco-friendly. The barriers are comprised of a proprietary mix of untreated, unbleached, jute burlap and sand.

The magic is in the way they work together — and when these fish-friendly barriers biodegrade in four to five years, they leave behind a desirable sandy bottom that is naturally less conducive to lily-pad growth.

Our bottom barriers also help retard milfoil growth. They are just like the weed-preventing fabrics installed in above-ground landscaping – a clean, persistent solution to a dirty, perennial problem.

Contact us for a free estimate, and join the hundreds of Northwest lakefront homeowners who have elected to improve their shorelines with bottom barriers.