Algae - Cure, Prevent & Destroy

Blue-green algae is a primitive organism that grows on lake surfaces and lacks many structures that characterize land plants. Unrestrained growth becomes an eyesore that turns the beautiful blue water of a lake into a splotchy mess. In many cases it presents as a cyanobacteria, which emits a foul odor and can be toxic.

Algae typically results from an imbalance of nutrients – i.e. too much nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus washing into a lake from fertilizer or other chemicals used in lawn care. Algae feast on these compounds and grow out of control until stabilized or removed. The nasty blooms will continue until owners physically remove them or change the lake’s nutrient balance.

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Establish Balance To Restore Harmony

To combat algae, Lake Defense Force teams deploy a proprietary blend of OMRI certified minerals that mimic our environment’s natural ability to absorb excess nutrients. This treatment is not only state of the art in the world of all-natural, scientific approaches to lake management  but also immediately and effectively removes visible algae. This solution remineralizes the lake bottom, effectively recreating a healthy and ‘breathing’ benthic layer. This combined with beneficial bacteria is a dangerous combo for algae. 

When the problem is too many algae nourishing nutrients entering a body of water the Lake Defense Force will recommend installing a system of specialized manufactured biochar filled bags. These are anchored out-of-sight throughout your lake. These bags are approved by the EPA for the removal of contaminants while also filtering out solids in a body of water. These bags are then collected on a yearly basis and replaced with new ones. The old ones are then taken to a biomass refinery that turns them into a rich fertilizer for local farmers. 

When the solution is more complicated than simply an excess of nutrients we work with owners to create a long-term plan to rebalance the lake’s nutrients. One exciting, beautiful and natural solution is the installation or temporary use of a Nano Bubble Generator, which puts trillions of ‘nano-sized’ oxygen bubbles into the water. These bubbles ‘pop’ when they come in contact with an algae, killing it. They also break apart organic compounds that feed algae’s growth. This new generation of machines allow for chemical free cure and prevention of algae.

Contact us for a free estimate, and join the hundreds of Northwest lakefront homeowners who have elected to enjoy their shorelines algae-free.