There are 5.2 million lakes in North America.
Most are under attack by climate change and invasive species.
We help owners fight back!

Our Mission

The Lake Defense Force is a Seattle-based company built over the past ten years to protect and restore private and public waterfronts with natural techniques – no chemicals.
We also reconstruct shorelines, redevelop ponds and create floating wetlands for customers that include homeowners, apartment complexes, industrial parks, golf courses, marinas and government entities.
Our highly trained aquatic professionals have a singular mission: Defend, clean and beautify our country’s lakes and ponds to ensure they will shine and prosper for generations to come
lbs of invasive species removed last year alone
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Private Waterfronts

Owning a home on a lake is a dream for many families. Yet it can turn into a nightmare once the temperature warms up and yucky, invasive underwater species such as milfoil and lily pads emerge from their winter slumber to ruin swimming, tangle boat propellers and look terrible. 

Milfoil King, the Lake Defense Force’s waterfront restoration unit, can help. Our professional divers pull the dangerous weeds out at their roots, then truck them away. For a more permanent solution, we can install a “bottom barrier” that blocks the sun from rejuvenating stems. Contact us to join the hundreds of lake front property owners who proactively manage their underwater weeds.

Commercial Waterfronts

Marinas, waterfront apartment complexes, shoreline homeowners associations and private lakes face a proliferation of noxious, invasive, dangerous underwater weeds and algae. It’s easy for an individual homeowner to decide to remove infestations from their waterfronts, but it can be difficult for larger entities to reach consensus on a decision to fight back. 

Lake Defense Force has years of experience assisting corporate and HOA lake managers. We survey the property, forge elimination and prevention plans, and achieve consensus from all stakeholders in compliance with regulations. We specialize in milfoil, lily pads, elodea and curly pondweed removal; algae control; complete shoreline transformation; suction dredging and the construction of floating wetlands.

Public Waterfronts

Government entities ranging from small towns to large counties own thousands of lakes across North America. Civic managers are responsible for the health of and enjoyment of their lakes as well as beaches, kayak right of ways, boating channels, docks and wetland trails. 

Lake Defense Force helps agencies achieve their community goals by defining and executing on waterfront clean-up, maintenance and development objectives. We rely on years of experience with regulators to help agencies navigate the twisted path toward lawful weed abatement. Our goal is to help governments protect lake water quality and safety so that swimmers, boaters, fishermen and homeowners can all enjoy nature’s gifts.

How We Can Help

Over the past decade we have grown into the largest and most trusted provider of year-round freshwater lake defense services in the Northwest. We provide sensible, sustainable, scientific shoreline solutions with a focus on preventing and reversing damage caused by climate change, invasive weeds, non-native fish, algae and erosion.

Sensible. Sustainable.

Shoreline Solutions.

Our Seattle-based team of experts protect and restore public and private waterfronts with natural techniques – no chemicals. Get started today using our interactive quoting tool.

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